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We are truly happy to introduce you to the first " SPECIAL SECTION" of!

The 20th anniversary of the psychiatric reform seems to be an invaluable occasion for the editors of the review, to use their experience matured in the field of electronic publishing as well as the potentialities of the network, to create an area that could serve as cultural reference for this topic.

With regard to my opinion on the plan please refer to the Editorial of January 1997, however my aim here is to introduce you to the publishing philosophy that lies beneath the organisation of this new publishing space, in the hope that readers would appreciate this area and that it could become the cue for the opening of a serious debate on this topic on the network.

The first consideration regards the draft of "work in progress" that begins now in April, but it will continue in time by means of the addition of new contributions as soon as they are made available.

The second regards the fact that this special number can become a Review in the Review where next to the prestigious contributions that will reach us from our readers, will be involved in the realization of the single sections of this new space.

The third point regards the criteria for our publishing choices:
1) " Firsthand " experiences matured on the field;
2) above all "unknown documents";
3) " different opinions " with the aim of stimulating debate and comparison;
4) we would like this space to become a point of departure and arrival for all those who seek information regarding this topic on the network.

The result of this job is here in front of your eyes, in attendance of your judgment, but above all, of your active interaction.

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