Internet and Neuropsychiatric Information . An experience on the Web using an anonymous e-mail

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3 dicembre, 2012 - 21:04


Since May 1996 till August 1997 there has been the possibility to create a direct information link, under a national Server's management, between an expert of psychiatric matters and the Internet cyber-explorer through a free-access Home Page, called "Psychotherapist on the Web".

The contacts were realized on the basis of a standard questionaire in which the user indicated a name, age and the type of information wanted so to elaborate the appropiate answer. 

Neither the expert nor the Server were able to know the user's E-mail. 
The users were informed of the fact that the service was not giving any sort of psychotherapy but only useful information on the basis of the questions made.

Contacted Page 102 users, whose 82 male and 20 female. Users age mind has been 31,5 years.

The questions more frequently put by users regarded SEXUALITY (27,7%), PHOBIAS and OBSESSIONS (11,8%), PANIC ATTACK DISEASE (10,8%) and ANXIOUSES DISEASES (9,9%).

Communication object is a contribution to exploit the role of the Great Network as multimediatic development center of the medical-scientific information in favour of the users and sector operators, in respect of the reciprocal roles.


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