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3 dicembre, 2012 - 20:17


International journal of psychoanalysis, psychology and culture

The first number of Acheronta, appeared in August of the 95, when newly the development of Internet began in Argentina, and it was totally in charge of Argentinean colleagues that were already come connecting through nets alternative style Fidonet. The success was so firm that before it concluded that same year the second number it went out with collaborations of Israel, France and Mexico, at the time that the number of articles tripled. 
Until December of 1997 we take published 6 numbers.
Acheronta accumulates to the date more of 100 articles (available on line) contributed for more of half hundred of colleagues of more of a dozen of countries (Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, France, Uruguay, Colombia, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Australia, England, Canada, Denmark, USA, etc.), approaching a great variety of thematic. Articles squatter's hundred a volume of approximately 3.3 Mb in documents html (that is to say, without counting graphics) in our web site, equivalent, approximately, to some 2000 printed pages in paper in size A4. 
Each number has been published, also, as a self-executing one in format .hlp that can be transferred to your computer, or transported in disk, and executed in a PC with any version of Windows. Finally, it is in preparation a complete edition in CD-ROM, with powerful search tools, that it will be available for half-filled of the 98.
We will complete 3 years of this first stage of development of an experience that has not stopped to surprise us I pass this way to step, and that we will try to transmit them in the next congress in Genoa about "Internet and Mental Health."
Michel Sauval Director of Acheronta

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