YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH - Venice Reccomandations

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30 settembre, 2017 - 13:45
The participants in the European Conference on Youth Mental Health: From Continuity of Psychopathology to Continuity of Care
Aware of the vast magnitude and severity of mental health problems in children, adolescents and young people in European countries
Recognizing that the currently available mental health services cover only a minority of the needs of those who have mental health problems and of their carers
Aware of the differences in resources for mental health care of the young among countries of Europe and their lack in the East of Europe
Committed to the search for intersectional and interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination in the development of mental health care for the youth
Stressing the need to develop programmes of prevention of mental disorders particularly in groups (such as refugees) at high risk to suffer from them
Noting and endorsing the recommendations in the International Declaration on Youth Mental Health produced by the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health - Special Interest Group in Youth Mental Health
Cognizant of the relevant international conventions and documents and in particular the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on Prevention of Torture, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
In agreement with the previous recommendations made by the World Psychiatric Association, the European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Mental Illness, the Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe, the European Psychiatric Association and other organizations concerned with mental health that ethical and legal protection of children and adolescents require particular attention in health care programming for the young


To the organizers of this meeting to
i. undertake the steps necessary to obtain information about the current situation concerning mental health needs of youth and relevant services and training in European countries
ii. assemble information about successful models of service provision, including transition and collaboration of mental health services for young people
iii. develop a concept paper which will serve as the basis of discussion about the definition and limits between child, adolescent, youth and adult mental health services and use it in the development of national and regional plans for mental health services for youth
iv. develop, in collaboration with those who made presentations during this meeting, a publication which will allow a wide distribution of the meeting’s findings
To representatives of the nongovernmental organizations which were present at the meeting
i. to use these recommendations and the materials for necessary action including the data about mental health problems of youth (and the solutions proposed) for presentations at meetings and conferences organized under their leadership
ii. consider possibilities and support of collaborative research among European countries
iii. to disseminate the findings of this conference by all means at their disposal
To the Union Européenne des Médicins Spécialistes
i. to give special attention to the requirements for the training in youth mental health in European countries
To the European Commission
i. to solicit applications for grants focusing on the improvement of youth mental health

Venice, December 18th, 2014

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