AusEinet. The Early Intervention Network for Mental Health in Young People

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3 dicembre, 2012 - 21:13


Associate Professor Graham Martin, for the team:
Professor Robert Kosky, Cathy Davis, Anne O'Hanlon and Pauline Dundas
AusEinet, CAMHS, Flinders Medical Centre, Bedford Park, South Australia, 5042.
e-mail address:


In June 1997, Commonwealth of Australia funding of A$1.95 million was provided to Flinders University and the University of Adelaide, South Australia, under the National Mental Health Strategy and the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy for the establishment of a National Early Intervention Network to promote early intervention in mental health problems specifically with children and young people through till 1999.

The focus of the project, titled AusEinet, is the development of a national network involving key people such as consumers, carers, clinicians, researchers and policy makers and the development of resource and training manuals to promote best practice in early intervention in mental disorders specifically with children and young people. 
The network will have a Clearinghouse function and will link people and gather and disseminate information electronically and via other media. With the assistance of the network the project will promote and enhance the development of early intervention services nationally through identifying and enhancing key service, structural and intersectoral issues and further developing best practice in specific areas.

The Clearinghouse will also disseminate the outcomes of National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy projects after their completion in early 1999, linking with the Australian Institute of Family Studies who are completing the national stocktake of the projects.

The project is divided into three streams:

Stream One will focus on the development and maintenance of a national communications network, as well as training issues. This includes the establishment of the national clearinghouse for early intervention in mental health; an international literature review; a national stocktake of work in this area; the development and dissemination of an early intervention newsletter; and the production of resource and training kits on best practice in early intervention generally and with particular disorders experienced by children and young people.

Stream Two will work with a variety of mental health and key intersectoral service providers to re-orient service delivery in this area to an early intervention focus. This will include a re-orientation consultancy examining the potential in other systems to develop a greater understanding of mental health problems and stronger links with mental health services. In addition, clinical project officers will work within various systems to identify and address structural and system issues to enable them to be better placed to enhance early intervention for their clients with mental health problems.

Stream Three will address specific mental health problems requiring further development of best practice in early intervention. This stream will include a review that will identify evidence based practice in early intervention; provide support for existing early intervention programs; and develop further best practice models in early intervention for specific disorders.

This presentation will describe the setting up of the network and the internet site (http:// and our ongoing search for the following:
best practice in mental health around the country and the world;
a national stocktake of Early Intervention programs;
helpful resources including Internet sites;
seminars, workshops and training opportunities;
contacts to spur CAMH workers on to adopt programs from elsewhere;
possible avenues of continuing funding;
and a whole lot more.

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